The Harvest Moon is a fast and able lobster cruiser that can take you anywhere in the Penobscot Bay region in an up close and personal way.






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    Rockport Charters (more photos to see)

  • Popular island trips at a glance

    Feel free to email or call to request your special outing

    You can book us by the hour to see your favorite place and choose from our most popular options.


    Island regions to visit and go ashore to explore:


    • The Mussel Ridges
    • Brimstone or Vinalhaven
    • North Haven
    • Islesboro & Job & Laselle & Mark Island and Robinsons Rock 
    • Castine, Deer Isle, and Stonington 
    • Isle au Haut 
    • Puffins tours off Matinicus & Criehaven
    • Monhegan
    • Bucks Harbor

    A sampling of some of the activities we provide. Wildlife tours, Birdwatching, Lobstering, Photography, wedding parties reunions, lobster bakes, and many more

    We provide year round transportation to the islands of Penobscot Bay.

    Let us know what kind of adventure you would like and we can recommend an island area that will satisfy your craving.




    More choices.....


    • 2 hour tour : Cruise from Rockport harbor around Indian Island lighthouse to Camden Harbor and around Curtis Island lighthouses
    • 3 hour tour:  seals, seabirds, history of the bay, islands up close, mountain views,  sailboats, lobstering demonstration 
    • 3 hour island:  Cruise about the islands of mid Penobscot bay. See ten unspoiled islands and wildlife up close. Book this as a lunch trip
    • 6 hour bay tour: Cruise to Vinalhaven and North Haven, perhaps have lunch in town and see the island archipelago of these gems in a unique new way.


    Kayak & paddeboard support and tours. Bicycling on North Haven and Islesboro...


    and of course...lobster cookouts


    We can take you mackerel fishing or Lobstering

    We accept credit cards.


    Charter us for an island lobster cookout. This is typically a 4 hour trip. Check with Captain for the price details.


    Enjoy the lobster cookout on board or on the beach. We will cook lobsters and corn to tasty perfection for you. Bring your own beverages.



    Pricing and Rates


    • 2 hours 425.00 
    • 3 hours 600.00
    • 6 hour 1,150.00
    • all day 8 hours 1500.00
    • above rates for up to six passengers
    • More than six passengers    25.00 per person per hour extra.
    17 passenger maximum.

    group rate discounts available.

    credit cards accepted at 2 percent extra

  • Your Captain and crew have worked extensively on Penobscot Bay year round providing transportation and custom outings. We know the hard to find remote and unspoiled places.




    We can help you brainstorm....

    Let us know what you are primarily interested in seeing and doing and we will make our best effort to provide you with your dream excursion. We will gladly help you plan your trip based on your tastes. The numerous harbors and coves offer great places to go ashore, walk, picnic or bike. So much to explore out there in the bay! We can show you the trails, beaches and vistas that only a lobster boat and a seasoned guide can provide. We bring a skiff along to take you to your island destination.


  • The Penobscot Bay Ecosystem

    A unique place to explore and enjoy


    The Penobscot Bay area has a unique and stunning geography. Explorers of all kinds from the Native Americans to the early settlers who colonized this land called Penobscot Bay their place of home and harvest. It is no wonder that today the Penobscot Bay region continues to attract more and more people with its diverse talented population of trades people and artists of all kinds. The islands are tranquil and quiet places that bring one back to simpler times.

    Be sure to bring your journal, your camera, your paints, your knitting or whatever to capture what you will be inspired by!


    We're Always Listening

    By getting out off the mainland you can connect with an entirely different part of the Maine experience. The Harvest Moon is fast and able to carry you to your marine experience. We strive to show you a fun filled day with family and friends that you will always remember.



    We make a point to go ashore and explore.

    Swimming and beach combing encouraged. Children are welcome!

  • Year Round Transportation Services

    Whether you are looking for an unspoiled and quite beach to picnic or a place to go kayaking we provide transport services for all.

    worker transport

    sailboat support and transport

    late night island trips


    ash scatterings

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    Listed Prices below are based on up to six passengers.

    Customized rates for larger parties available.


    8 hour excursion
    Overnight camping trip transportion
    Castine lunch trip 5 hours
    Nebo Lodge Dinner
    Transportation to Islands up to six passengers
    4 hour excursion
    2 hour excursion